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5 Benefits of Ginger

Ginger root has a long history of culinary and medicinal uses in different cultures around the world. Today, modern studies have put those traditional medicinal uses to the test. The results generally support ginger having some amazing health benefits. It's on par with chamomile for health benefits, another natural ingredient we've written about. It's no wonder ginger has grown in popularity so much in recent years! In this article we'll discuss the benefits of ginger that actually have scientific research supporting them.

Ginger root picture                 Ginger root can be processed into juice, powder, pickled, and more.

Eases Nausea and Morning Sickness

Nausea can be a hard thing to study since it's difficult to know when it will strike. Two groups that often face persistent nausea are people who are pregnant and, sadly, people who are undergoing chemotherapy. Many studies on nausea involve participants from these groups. This article summarizes the current findings on the effectiveness of ginger for preventing nausea. The results are promising and consistently support ginger as a great natural remedy for nausea and vomiting.

Reduce Arthritis and Muscle Ache

Ginger contains substances known as gingerols, which have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Specifically, gingerol 6 is the substance that has been isolated and studied the most and seems to be the root of many of ginger's benefits. These anti-inflammatory properties make ginger effective for treating muscle and joint pain. In this study participants with arthritis who took regular ginger saw reduced joint pain and took less medicine than the placebo group. Aside from for those with arthritis, ginger has plenty of evidence supporting it's use for decreasing swelling and muscle ache from regular exercise and weight lifting.

Antioxidant and Some Cancer Protection

Ginger and gingerol 6 has a big body of research supporting their antioxidant and cancer protection too. This article covers a lot of the evidence of antioxidant properties of ginger. It's total antioxidants are extremely high, only passed by pomegranate and a few other berries.


Soothes Menstrual Period Cramps

Another benefit likely stemming from it's anti-inflammatory properties, ginger can reduce pain from menstrual cramps. In this study, ginger capsules were compared to leading pain medicines like mefenamic acid and ibuprofen for their effectiveness at alleviating menstrual pain. It found that ginger was as effective as the common drug treatments at alleviating pain without the side effects.

Lowers Cholesterol

Another interesting benefit of ginger is it can lower or slow the development of bad cholesterol (LDL) while raising the levels of good cholesterol (HDL) as demonstrated in studies like this one. Basically, ginger may be helping your body more efficiently breakdown fats for energy leaving you with lower cholesterol levels.

Ginger is a great natural remedy that we encourage you to try. It's easy to find ginger in teas, pickled ginger, supplement capsules, Soov, and more. Just don't expect to find much ginger in ginger ale which doesn't help nausea due to it's very low ginger content and high amount of sugar.

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