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Stomach need calming? Ginger ale won't cut it

Ginger ale or ginger beer substitute

Soov your stomach!

🍋 Real ginger, lemon, mint, aloe & chamomile.
🌱 Low sugar & no artificial sweeteners.
☀️ Non-gmo & gluten free.
😋  Amazing taste!


Made with real ingredients

Ginger helps nausea and is safe


Popular since ancient times, ginger is used as a nausea and indigestion remedy

Mint helps IBS and indigestion


Mint contains menthol, a natural analgesic, which can soothe the pain of an upset stomach

Asorbic acid protects stomach lining


A small dose of lemon can have an alkalizing effect, neutralizing stomach acids and easing digestion

Aloe helps stomach inflammation


Aloe vera can reduce gastrointestinal inflammation and promote regularity

Chamomile helps IBS and stomach pain


Chamomile can relax digestive muscles and ease nausea, gas, and even anxiety

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