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A Stomach Remedy Turned Healthy Anytime Drink

My name is Miles and I started Soov because I hate stomach aches 

With Irritable Bowel Syndrome (great name, not embarrassing at all), stomach issues have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My search for a remedy was a long and frustrating one. Countless trips to doctors, diet adjustments, medical procedures, strong drugs, acupuncture, and more, eventually helped me get things under control. But there were times when my stomach was hurting, just not enough to reach for the prescription opiates that were getting a little scary (like when I fainted on a plane after taking them on an empty stomach).

For the mild, everyday digestion issues, I wanted a natural remedy

I tried all the over-the-counter pink liquids and chalky tablets you can buy to no effect aside from a nasty aftertaste. Probiotic pills and kombucha are great but they help build up healthy gut bacteria and do little to help an active stomach ache. My go-to solution became ginger beer although I felt bad drinking several bottles in a row of what is basically soda at 30-40 grams of sugar each. That’s when I decided to try my hand at making my own stomach drink. In my research, I came across a lot of experiments showing positive results easing stomachs with certain natural ingredients. I started mixing and matching these ingredients in search of a formula that supports digestion while also being healthy and tasty. And after a LOT of trial and error I ended up with Soov.

Surprisingly, people without stomach issues kept asking for more

Being so proud of the drink I made, I started sharing Soov with friends and family. I was shocked to find out way more people than I ever would’ve imagined quietly deal with stomach and digestion issues. I was even more shocked to get asked for more bottles from people without stomach problems that just really enjoy Soov after a meal as a sort of non-alcoholic “digestif”. All these positive reactions to my drink made me realize I might have something special here and it was time to start bottling. So I teamed up with nutritionist, dietitians, food scientists, beverage experts, and more to make Soov a reality. Hope you enjoy it!

Soov stomach drink in fancy glass
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Coming Fall 2020

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